Monday, 10 May 2010

Peer Review of Proposals

The Peer Review Process is designed to ensure that papers selected for presentation at ICHF are independantly assessed. This is a time honoured proceedure and works in the following maner.

Propsals (or suggestions for Panel Sessions) should consist of approximately 300 words explaining the key points of the paper. At this stage the Proposal is merely an abstract not a full paper and even if you have a full paper already prepared it does not require to be submitted at this time. ICHF is primarily seeking original work not previously delivered or published.

Proposals are sumitted to a special page on the Conference Organiser's web site:

who will retain them until the closing date has passed (30 June 2010). Before the Propsals are passed to the Chair of the Academic Committee all details that might in any way reveal the identity of the author are removed. The Chair of the committee then distributes the Proposals to members of the committee who comment on their acceptability before returning them to the Chairperson.

In this way the annonymity of the author of the Proposals, and the committee members considering them is assured, the whole process is a fair and independent method of assessing a proposal.

Each Propsal submitted should contain the following:

• Author’s name, institution, postal and email addresses, telephone number
• Co-author’s names if applicable
• Title of paper or panel session
• Name of chair for a panel session
• Three to five suggested key words for indexing papers
• 300 word abstract of each paper (with an additional 200 word justification for a panel session)
• Please state the category to which you are submitting:
• Paper or
• Panel Session

Please submit your proposal to the Conference Organisers at:

The closing date for submission of Proposals is 30th June 2010. Receipt of your proposal will be acknowledged within 5 working days.

Observations on Panel Sessions and other matters will be posted in another entry in this blog soon.

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