Thursday, 17 June 2010

How many proposals?

We have been asked how many proposals can be submitted by any one individual.

Generally speaking it is not expected that more than two proposals should be submitted by any one person. This is avoid anyone seeking to unfairly maximize their chances of having a proposal accepted. In addition this would not be fair to others submitting one or, more rarely, two proposals. It also avoids overburdening one person attempting to produce a number of high quality papers in a short space of time.

Is there is thought to be a good reason for submitting more than two please contact the conference organisers for advice by emailing:

The ICHF Team

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Savings Clubs

Unless you live locally the cost of attending ICHF can be quite high. This was one of the reasons behind the decision to make ICHF 'mobile' so that people in different parts of the world will have an opportunity to attend one of the conferences without having to travel to the UK.

The down side is that for those who wish to attend every conference there will be variable costs to consider as ICHF moves from place to place. We have heard of one initiative that is worth sharing.

Members of a Lodge in the USA have started a 'savings club' so that members of the club can put away a sum of money on a monthly basis. The monies collected remain the property of each individual member but the intention is that the funds will be used for transport, accommodation etc. in order to attend ICHF 2011. The money so saved might not cover the entire cost but the monthly saving has been planned in such a way that it will certainly take the 'sting' out of the total cost.

An interesting idea.

The ICHF Team

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New ICHF web site II

We have had a number of communications suggesting that it would be a good idea to retain this blog as a number of people like to make use of it and we are happy to oblige.

This blog and the new ICHF web site will run in tandem whilst we assess their usage.

The ICHF Team

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New ICHF web site

A new web site for ICHF is nearing completion and the work completed so far can be viewed by clicking here or on previous links.

The new web site will run make this blog largely irrelevant so it will be closed down within a few weeks once all the material has been transferred from here to the new site.

The ICHF Team.