Wednesday, 28 April 2010

First Announcement

The First Announcement, or Call for Papers, has been published. You can download this as a PDF file (approximately 1mb) by clicking here or on the previous link:


The ICHF Team


  1. Concerning submission and publication protocol:

    1. Do you wish the entire paper submitted along with the abstract and so forth?

    2. Are there limitations on length of papers submitted?

    3. Will submitted papers be published?

    4. Are there restrictions on the submissions of papers that may have been published in Masonic research media?

  2. Please pardon an additional question.

    5. What is the number of paper submissions permitted per researcher?

    (Each of the above issues differs among conferences of learned societies.)

  3. Dear Mark, Please see the latest blog that explains the process. We shall pick up on your other points soon.

    The ICHF Team